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of the radio stations who are currently playing music from my new CD Soul Ascension! Your support, time and positive feedback has been OVERWHELMING and I am TRULY grateful for you! Words cannot express how blessed I feel by your adds and I hope my music brightens your world and those of your listeners! I wish you much joy, blessings and continued success, Leila
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Leila - Soul Ascension - The Smooth Jazz Ride

Today, with the imagination, energy, and insight of artists - new and veteran - we are the fortunate recipients of some of the finest combinations of the different genres imaginable. The latest to which I've been introduced happens to belong to Leila, a beautiful young Spaniard born in Argentina and quickly raised on the passions and calling of the richest of R&B, Latin, World, and Jazz.
With a healthy dose of sultriness and soul, this comely songstress brings us a double CD "Soul Ascension".

There are some indications that R&B is probably the more dominant force on this album (at least on disc two, in my opinion), but it really doesn’t dominate in that you aren’t so cognizant of that “pigeonhole” as you are of the content of the overall material, the lyrics, the melodies, etc. It all works so well together as one lovely fabric.

From track one on disc one, “Listen Don’t Listen,” a sassy romantic, moving, and enticing piece full of body and deep, very deep lyrics, this young lady takes us on a fantastic voyage of melody and stories that’s quite impressive. Considering that she wrote all of the lyrics and co-wrote the music (most of it with smooth jazz artist Funkee Boy), it’s safe to assume that she knew what she wanted to say and how she wanted it said.

Leila’s first effort, Of Life, landed her some serious looks, as she acquired a worldwide fan base and topped several music charts. To indicate continuing impact, this latest project attracted saxman Eric Darius on “Sexy Saxophone,” a sweet & tender stroll.

There are aspects of tenderness, touch, reflection, and thought that can only be defined by the beautiful way this artist presents her material.

There’s so much more here than music. There’s substance, and if there were no sweet melodies, no catchy hooks, no sexy vocals, there would still be more than enough reason to listen. – Ronald Jackson - The Smooth Jazz Ride

Leila - Soul Ascension - Smooth Groove Phoenix

Latin Soul Artist Leila has struck gold with new release Soul Ascension. She has sucessfully made the transition onto the Contemporary Jazz scene, collaborating with ERIC DARIUS on the very smooth "Sexy Saxophone" and also Featuring Funkee Boy who doubles as a Producer and Performer on this project.

As one writer put it "Leila has the depth of India Arie, the passion of Sade and the warmth of Karen Carpenter" I find all of these qualities demonstrated on tracks such as "SMILE" the bumpin' "REDEFINE ME" and the hard hittin' "50 REASONS" Wait!!!!!! I love the whole Disc! On "The Groove" scale, I rate this, A Must Have!!!!!!!!!!! Leila, You Go Girl ..... COCO - Smooth Groove Phoenix

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Station interview WGRV "The Groove" with Randy Bennett

Leila - Radio Interviews

Leila - Radio Trece

La vocalista Leila acaba de lanzar su nuevo material bajo la producción del talentoso tecladista Funkee Boy y con la participación especial del saxofonista Eric Darius entre otros músicos de renombre.

"Soul Ascension" titulo del álbum es un ambicioso proyecto que comprende 2 discos, el primero denominado "Healing" en su literal traducción "Curando" o "Cicatrizando" y el segundo bajo el título de "Ascending" ("Ascendiendo). Leila posee un estilo versátil y cálido que le permite transitar diferentes géneros con naturalidad y frescura.

El primer disco nos muestra una tendencia hacia la balada romántica donde temas como "Kiss" con la participación del guitarrista flamenco Romero, "Change" presentando también a K.C. Porter y Francesca Richard en voces y "Mask" este de último de neto corte smooth jazz y con un delicado solo de saxo a cargo de Eric Darius, se destacan.

La versión en español ("No Escuches") del tema que abre el álbum "Listen Don't Listen" cubre la raíz latina de esta vocalista nacida en Argentina criada en España y hoy residente de Estados Unidos. "Ascending" la segunda parte de este elaborado trabajo tiene un perfil mucho más sensual y un mensaje más directo. El tema que abre "Redifine Me" y " Roses In January" que también es elegido para la versión en español bajo el título "Tesoro" son dos verdaderas joyitas. Pero también el tema elegido como single "Sexy Saxophone" con un Eric Darius brillante y la cálida vocalización de Leila hacen de este tema un seguro éxito en el circuito adulto/contemporáneo.

La producción de Funkee Boy es impecable a lo largo del material y la presentación del cd es muy completa con abundante información, letras de las canciones y un muy prolijo encuadernamiento además de gráficos y fotografía notables. En definitiva un trabajo que confirma lo que Leila ya había insinuado en su álbum debut "Of Life". Diariamente puedes escuchar en nuestra estación "Sexy Saxophone".